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Why Or is that, why

The first question is easy to answer. I meet a lot of players in my travels that are not yet plugged into the world of backgammon. I have often asked myself where I should send them. If they want to buy a backgammon book or a backgammon board, I might send them to the Flint website.

If you want to play backgammon online, check out F.I.B.S. Going to Japan? There is the JBL site. Want a backgammon article or backgammon book review? Want to know who are the best backgammon players in the world? Want a schedule of backgammon tournaments? How about a place to buy backgammon books in Europe. There are places to find all that, but what is needed is one site to take you to all the others. I hope this will be that site. Be sure to check back often since I am constantly adding more articles and otehr information.

Why is harder to answer. How about: why not? The invention of the doubling cube was one of the most remarkable innovations in the history of games. Around the same time that the doubling cube was invented, Harold Vanderbilt had nearly as large an impact when he proposed a new form of scoring that saw Auction Bridge evolve into Contract Bridge. But Vanderbilt’s innovation, simple as it is, would take a page or so to describe. The doubling cube is even simpler: when the cube is turned, either the game ends or the stake doubles. Yet like the new scoring system in Bridge, the implications of this new feature were profound and subtle. Entire books have been written about the doubling cube. I should know; I wrote one of them. And as anyone who has played their share of backgammon has found, when the doubling cube has been turned more than three times, so that when the game ends the score will be multiplied by 16, 32, 64 … Well, that’s the time when the player stops breathing, the cheeks flush, blood flows to the head (or out of it), and the heart beats as loud and fast as the rattle of the dice in the cup. The cube is exciting!

If you can’t find what you need, please email me at, and I will try to point you in the right direction.


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